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Non-redeemable Recyclables
SAT: 2 bags
SUN: 11

Bottles & Cans, 13 bags ($90+ to Boy Scouts)

Compost: 8-10 full cans, 3 yards generated by vendors
TOTAL: 3 yards

Cardboard: 7 cu ft
TOTAL: 14 cu ft

Trash (To Poughkeepsie Incinerator)
SAT: 7 bags
SUN: 4 bags
TOTAL: 11 bags

Hi there!
The 2013 NYS Sheep and Wool Festival has launched its Zero Waste Initiative and the momentum and progress of just a few weeks is fantastic - and now you're formally invited to join and help push it over the edge. 

Sat. and Sun, Oct 19-20, 2013 the second biggest event at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY hosts 30,000-40,000 people for a massive fiber arts and fiber producer fair. Sheep shows, alpacas, llamas, fiber vendors, craft demonstrations, cooking demos, author book signing, kids events, dog herding demos...etc etc etc and of course FOOD. You have a great opportunity to come see this festival and serve with the Zero Waste Initiative Team - Zero to Go (Beacon), McEnroe Organic Farm (Millerton), the DC Fairgrounds and DC Sheep and Wool Growers Association

We're asking for help educating visitors and ensuring our recycling and compost bins are not polluted with trash. That means: sorting station minders! - those who stand there and tell guests which bin to put what stuff in from their lunch. Whatever effort we can make to keep the deposit bottles out of the trash and back into the bottle bags, the more success we can declare. It's pretty simple. Other duties include talking to the public about Zero Waste practices for recycling and compost (we'll show you), and rolling full bins of compost to a holding area for McEnroe Farm to pick up to turn into fertile compost and soil.

Are you in? After you sign up for a shift, we'll send you your e-ticket codes to print e-tickets yourself, to get into the festival. Sign up on our volunteer form, which includes carpooling requests and when you can come help. If you have experience organizing at festivals and other events, we invite your wisdom to our event. Please join the team to share your experience.

FOOD? We'll have food vouchers for those who need them to use at select food vendors.

Time is short. Call your friend. Pal up and come to the festival. We need you to help prove the success of Zero Waste models. We're not tackling ALL of the waste this year, only what we can manage. This is the first year we're working together to start a composting program that wasn't there before, plus implementing a recycling program that diverts thousands of pounds of recyclables from the burn plant to the recycle plant.
  Every event is different, but if we can build in successful, efficient systems, perhaps our county Fairgrounds can integrate them for other events beyond ours... win win win across the board. 

Need a Service Project? Never been to this awesome festival?
'nuff said.

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