The Dutchess County Fairgrounds
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NYS Sheep & Wool Festival - Workshop Registration

Fiber to Finish Class

Thursday, October 17, 2013

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Instructor: Beth Smith

Class Fee: $225.00

Material Fee: $0.00

Maximum Class Size: 20

20 Seats Available

About Seat Availability: The availability shown above does NOT A GUARANTEE that an actual seat is available to be purchased. Each registration will be verified after your purchase and if an over sale of seats occurs you will be notified and the price of the over sold seat will be refunded in it's entirety.

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Once a spinner can spin a continuous single, they start obsessing on what to spin, how to spin and how to use it. Wool is the go-to fiber in the world of spinning and the world of wool can be overwhelming even to intermediate and advanced spinners. This class takes a spinner on a comprehensive journey from choosing types of wool, through preparation, spinning, and finishing of yarn, resulting in the exact yarn the spinner dreamed of knitting or weaving with.
In this class we will start with an overview of wool breeds and their classifications.We will learn how to wash wool to maintain the lock structure, wash lock by lock as well as washing in small batches. In addition we will have an opportunity to try a variety of processing tools. Each tool will be used to its best ability and on the appropriate fiber. Students can then take their new knowledge to experiment and find out their favorite processing methods. We will combine each processing method with different spinning techniques which will result in yarns for specific uses. We will discuss yarns desired for different knitting techniques such as stockinette, cables and lace as well as how to design a yarn for weaving.Several breeds from each class will be sampled including Fine Wools, Long Wools and Crossbred, Down and Down Types as well as the category fondly called Other in which certain breeds which are difficult to classify are kept.When studying Fine wools we will wash lock by lock as well as using tulle to keep the lock structure. Wool will be made ready for spinning using a flick carder and spinning it from the lock or from the fold. Long wools will be combed using hand combs and English combs. Use of a diz will be shown and wool top will be spun. We will also pull fiber from the comb without a diz as well as spin directly from the comb. Down breeds will be processed using several hand carding methods In the Multi Coat category we will be separating coats and also spinning them together to find what kinds of yarns we can get with these fibers. And finally a wool from the Other category, a category which is a catch all for those fibers which don’t fit easily anywhere else, will be processed by hand by pulling the locks apart until the wool is in a cloud style prep
and then students will spin just from that cloud.
12 total wools will be explored in the six hours of this class. Students will leave with the beginning of a breeds notebook with preprinted breeds cards and plenty of wool to continue the discovery when they leave the class.
This class takes the mystery out of the question “what wool when”.
Class includes extensive handouts, page protectors, card stock and printed breeds cards as well as at least 12 ounces of washed fleece for each student.
Spinning Level: Students must be able to spin a continuous thread.

Materials Information

Please Bring: Hand Cards, Flick, Hand Held Combs (if you don’t have them a few will be available to lend) Spinning wheel in good working order or a spindle, pen, one empty bobbin, a lap cloth is useful for flicking.

Workshop Instructor

Beth has been a fiber addict for most of her life. She learned to knit as a child, and since then has pursued a large variety of fiber arts. more