Sheep and Wool Festival

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Events eligible for Sponsorship

Angora Goat Show - Five divisions each of white and natural colored angora goats are shown and judged. Grand and Reserve Champion are awarded. Pick any division to sponsor.

Book Signing – Merritt Books arranges for authors of new and/or popular sheep or fiber related books to attend this two day event to sign their books and meet with fans.

Fleece to Shawl Competition – Teams compete to complete a shawl in three hours time.  They must start with raw wool, then spin ply, and weave to get the finished shawl.

Fleece Show & Sale –  Wool, Mohair and Alpaca fleeces are entered for Show and Sale. Categories include: Fine, Medium and Long White and Natural Colored Wool ; Kid, Yearling and Adult White and Natural Colored Mohair : and Alpaca. 

Harvest Kitchen Demos - Local and Regional Chefs prepare dishes focusing on Lamb and Sheep products - meat, milk, cheese.

Leapin’ Llama Contest – Llamas compete to see who can jump the highest.

Make it With Wool Competition - The Make It with Wool Contest is an exciting opportunity for anyone who likes to work with wool; sewing, felting, knitting or crocheting. The contest is divided into three parts: modeling the outfit, and garments judged on and off the contestant.

Natural Colored Wool Show – Eleven divisions of natural wool sheep are judged. Pick one division to sponsor.

Sheep Shearing Demonstrations - A professional Sheep Shearer educates the public regarding the handling of both sheep and fleece during the harvest of the fleece.

Skein and Garment Competition – This is a competition involving a variety of natural fibers resulting in projects ranging from handspun yarn to completed items including pin-felting and hooking.

White Wool Show - Eleven divisions of white wool sheep are judged. Pick one division to sponsor.

Workshop Venue – Popular and up-coming instructors give classes on a large variety of fiber crafts and activities. Sponsor coffee in the morning or the canvas gift tote for our participants.



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