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Below are the winners of the 2009 Photo Contest
Congratulations to all that entered the photo contest this year!  
Click here to view the 2009 winners (in no particular order)

Scenes Winners:
1st: Don't Fence Me In - Jennifer Bock
2nd: Lake breeze - Suzanne Francke
Honorable mention: Autumn Reflection -Lorraine Strohmier
Honorable mention: Little Bee Big World - Jennifer Bock

Junior Class Winners:
1st: Nate Byrnes- 8 Bags Full
2nd : Sheep & Wool Ram - Samantha Perricci
Honorable mention: Lunchtime - Samantha Perricci

People Class Winners:
1st : Miracle Boy- Allison Wurster
2nd : No Fear- Felcia Sickles
Honorable mention:- I'll Take care - Lorraine Strohmier
Honorable mention: Umar Abbasi

Animals Winners:
1st : Smiling Ram -Lorraine Stromeir
2nd: Pig Mania - Mary Fay
Honorable mention: The Long Walk-Linda Fredrick
Honorable mention:Good Morning-Nadine Renheim
Honorable mention: Waiting for Charlotte- Jennifer Bock

Sheep & Wool Connection Winners:
1st: Sheepish Grin- Jennifer Bock
2nd : Watching- Pieri Hayes
Honorable mention:Blending in- Pieri hayes
Honorable mention: Mirror Mirror- Jennifer Bock

Best in Show Winner:
Smiling Ram- Lorraine Strohmier

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