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Natural Colored and White Sheep Shows


Never been to a sheep show? That's okay,we will try to give you a few reasons why you should come for the first time. Some sheep are White, and some are a Natural Colored. As you know they both have their uses. Before it becomes the beautiful fiber that you love, it's here. Some people like fine wools. Soft enough to be worn next to the skin. Some examples of sheep that are considered fine wool are Merino, Rambouillet, and Cormo. Some people enjoy working with medium wool. Used for a wide variety of knitwear, yarns, blankets, and tweeds. Some examples of sheep that are considered medium wool are Corriedale and Columbias. Long wools work well for outdoor wear, & Loop yarn. Some examples of long wool sheep are Romney, Lincoln, Border Leicester, Shetland, and Icelandic.Heritage breeds have a coarse fleece. They are traditionally used for carpets, rugs, and some outerwear. Some have a softer character and the down separated from the outer is used for fine things such as Shetland Shawls. They can be blended together or with other fibers.

Wool is a natural fiber with great abilities, strong and durable, elastic, warm even when it gets wet, and is flame resistant. Wool from different breeds is varied in color, & length.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of the exhibitors. Please sit down and learn what a sheep show is all about.


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