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"The Black and White Show”

Saturday, October 18th & Sunday, October 19th  2014

UPDATED 8/18/2014

Entries open on 8/15/2014 and close on 9/16/2014 unless pens fill up before close date.


Our entries for the Black and White Show are closed. Pens are full.


All sheep must be registered and their papers presented at check in.


Sheep may be penned from  noon on Thursday, October 16th  through  8am on Saturday, October 18th. Animals will be released on Sunday time to be announced at exhibitors meeting. No sheep will be released prior to this meeting.  While we understand that everyone wants to get going as soon as possible, we want those that have the longest distance to leave first. Please help us in making this happen. The ones traveling the longest distance need to be lined up outside of gate first.


Only sheep entered in the show, sale or breed display barn may be penned on the grounds. Health papers must be dated within 30 days of the Festival. After unloading, check in your entries with Sue Stewart at the registration table in Bldg 37.


A feed, straw and hay vendor will be present this Fall but it may be wise to make sure  that you have enough for your initial setup. Contact Mastens Feed directly to place orders in advance of show, as it will make it much easier to know what to bring. This will be the only way to be assured that your needs are met.

Mastens Feed: 845-635-2553



1. White & Natural Colored Fine Wool (Merino, Rambouillet, & Cormo)

2. White & Natural Colored Medium Wool (Corriedale & Columbia)

3. White & Natural Colored Long Wool (Romney, Lincoln, Border Leicester, Shetland, & Icelandic)


There are group classes & Best Fleece in Blue Ribbon. It is your responsibility to enter them.Group classes are NOT automatically entered. There are only two animals allowed per exhibitor per class. Only one entry per group class.  

  • Classes offered are: Yearling Ram (1 - 2 years) 
  • Sr. Ram Lamb (born between 9/1 - 12/31)
  • Jr. Ram Lamb (born after 1/1) 
  • Pair Ram Lambs
  • Yearling Ewe (1-2 years) 
  • Pair Yearling Ewes
  • Sr. Ewe Lamb (born between 9/1 - 12/31) 
  • Jr Ewe Lamb (born after 1/1)  
  • Pair of Ewe Lambs
  • Pen of Three Lambs (both sexes represented) 
  • Exhibitors Flock (2 yearling ewes, 2 ewe lambs, and 1 ram) 
  • Best Fleece in each division.

Only 1 entry per exhibitor in any Best Fleece class. Exhibitors are limited to one entry in any group class. All entries in group classes must be owned by one exhibitor.

Premiums $35 $30 $25 $20 $15 $10 $5 $5 - Exhibitors are limited to two animals in any individual class.


Entry changes: Any changes that you make to your entries after October 10th will not be reflected in the catalog. Any substitutions that need to be made, or questions, please contact me:    845-399-1967

Penning questions: please contact Chuck or Heidi Simmons:


We have changed the show order this year so please pay close attention.


Saturday - Show Starts 2pm
with the Natural Colored Fine Wool division, followed by the White Long Wool division.


Sunday - Show Starts 8:30am  

with Natural Colored Long Wool followed by White Wool Fine, White Wool Medium and Natural Colored Medium Wool. Please be ready to show at scheduled time.


We will immediately follow with Supreme White Ram, Supreme White Ewe, Supreme White Fleece, Supreme Natural Colored Ram, Supreme Natural Colored Ewe, & Supreme Natural Colored Fleece.


All exhibitors will be responsible for breaking down their pens before leaving the grounds on Sunday. Your cooperation is appreciated.


There are a few extra requirements when filling out Blue Ribbon this year. If you don't fill these in, you will be unable to continue. We have tried to simplfy some of the required information. The information below should help as you are doing your entries. 


1. tattoo/ear notch = farm tag #

2. Sire Name = farm tag #

3. Dam Name = farm tag # 

4. National ID = Scrapie tag #

5. Sire # = Sire Registration # 

6. Dam # = Dam Registration # 


Parents please remember to register your children as a seperate Exhibitor. Each Exhibitor will have to pay a convience fee of $2.00. It is not $2.00 per animal. It will be added to your entry fee. 



All animals shall be inspected upon penning or as soon thereafter as possible by USDA personnel. For your convenience the fairgrounds is open until very late (10pm) on Friday, Oct. 17th. For your animals comfort and safety, you may unload your animals into the pens designated for your farm when you arrive. Look for several Penning
Charts to find out where you are penned. If it is after 6PM on Friday, review of health papers may be deferred to Saturday AM. If animals are arriving Saturday, they MUST be unloaded and all vehicles removed from the sheep barn area by 8:30 AM.


PLEASE PROVIDE US WITH A PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR HEALTH CERTIFICATE(S) TO KEEP ON FILE. Click on scrapie tag for USDA information. All of your sheep must have scrapie tags. 


Thank You,

Sue Stewart


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