Sheep and Wool Festival

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Hi Everyone,

We are finalizing our Vendors for this season, so if you see some errors, please be patient and give us until Sept. 30 to get all of the data in. This list should be 99% accurate in terms of Booth Locations and Vendor Names. Use your web browser's SEARCH function to look for keywords. CTRL-F on a PC Windows, and COMMAND-F on a Mac. And make sure you check your e-mail, and SPAM folders if you are Vendor. We are trying to communicate with you via email. ;)  You'll know this data has been updated by the Date at the top of the list. 

yours Truly,   Link to Google Spreadsheet Full Screen    

Outdoor Booths: 23 OD 3 = Outdoors of Bldg 23, 3rd booth. Look around, refer to map (coming soon).

Link to Google Spreadsheet Full Screen    

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