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MCS - CMS Livestock
The Stephens Family
93 Hicks Lane

Clinton Corners, NY 12514
Home - 845 - 266 - 4771
email : mjstep@optonline.net

When and why did you start with sheep ?
Meagan and Clayton started with one Montadale lamb which they got as a bottle lamb from Sister Margot at Sprout Creek Farm. Meagan was about 8 or 9 years old. After this, they got Horned Dorsets and cross bred the two breeds. They now raise club lambs. Meagan also raises Oxford sheep.
Why Dutchess County ?
They picked Dutchess County because they moved here from Arkansas in the late 1990's. Their father is the farm manager for Uphill Farm in Clinton Corners, NY.
Why they decided on sheep?
They decided on sheep because they were given a baby bottle lamb: then expanded from there.
What breed of sheep do you have now?
Oxfords and Club Lambs
Why did you decide on this breed of sheep?
Meagan decided on Oxfords because they were an up and coming breed. Another deciding factor was their size.
 Oxfords are one of the taller breeds of sheep which was a big plus. She also knows people who breed Oxfords.
What Sheep Associations are you a member of ?
Meagan and Clayton are members of:
The Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Growers Association
Dutchess County 4 - H
Future Farmers of America
The Natural Colored Sheep Breeder's Association
The Oxford Association
The American Shropshire Association
The American Hampshire Association
The New England Sufflok Association
What are some important tips for new shepherds ?
Research, take time and find the right breed for you !
Do you produce any farm products ?
Yes, freezer lambs
Do you have any services for market ?
Meagan and Clayton shear small flocks of sheep, as well as have show lambs ( Oxfords ) and market
lambs for sale.
How do you market your animals ?
By going to sheep shows and sales.
Any other information that is important to highlight your flock and farm ?
"The Rising Flock in New York State ".

Photos by Garret C. Lown

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