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CLASS 043,  LOT F43
Location:  Bldg. E
Saturday, October 18, 2014    

Deadline to Enter: 15 minutes before contest starts

PRIZE MONEY: (Awarded in both youth and adult divisions. Youth = 19 yrs and under, Adult 20 yrs old and older)

$15.00 - First Place
$12.00 - Second Place
$10.00 - Third Place
$8.00 - Fourth Place
$6.00 - Fifth Place


  1.  Contestants must bring their own hand Drop Spindles.
  2. A set weight of prepared roving will be provided.

  3. Spinners will spin for 15 minutes.

  4. When time is up, the spun yarn will be skeined, measured and judged.

  5. Judge’s decision is final.

  6. Adult and youth winners will be awarded on number of YARDS SPUN.

  7. Completion of roving before time is up will add one point per minute to the score.

  8. Breakage will result in a subtraction of one point per break.

  9. No entry fee.

Entries close at the start of the competition.


Please register online with link above, but if you cannot, then download and Mail Drop Spindle Spinning Contest Entry Form - NO FEE


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